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Denny – The Man From Snowy River

The Man From Snowy River was an amazing movie for the romantics and horse fanatics around the world.  The scene most remembered and repeatedly shared is the EPIC ‘Jim’s Ride’ clip starring Denny and Tom Burlinson.  Denny was a sure-footed mount that not only trusted Tom enough to film this amazing scene, but took every step in stride without the slightest falter or hesitation. Side note – Tom was NOT an experienced rider… I think after this ‘one-take shot’ we might be able to raise his experience cred!

Tornado – The Mask of Zorro

There have been many Tornados throughout the years. I remember when Zorro was a Disney series! I could watch and re-watch EVERY Zorro tv show and movie ever made… and any more that may be made in the future!

Casey was the primary horse playing the part of Tornado in the Mask of Zorro. Casey’s talents were able to shine in this stunt filled, action packed movie. Casey’s co-stars included superstars Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Trigger – Roy Rogers Films

Trigger, the iconic mount of Roy Rogers.

King Charles – National Velvet

King Charles was cast to play The Pie, Elizabeth Taylor’s athletic steeple-chasing steed.

Docs Keepin Time – Black Beauty 

A book dedicated to bringing awareness to the plight of the horse in

TJ – Hidalgo

While 5 different horses played Hidalgo, TJ was the one that stood out to Viggo Mortensen, enough so that he purchased the horse.

Bamboo Harvester – Mister Ed

Bamboo Harvester was an American Saddlebred/Arabian cross.  

Cass Ole – The Black Stallion

A shipwreck with only a young boy and unruly black stallion surviving introduces 

Dallas- The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

If a picture was worth a thousand words… Dallas may not have planned on being a movie horse, but after spending some time working with another ”project horse’, Buck Lunak of Montana knew he had found another film industry candidate. Hands tied behind his back and a noose around his neck, James Franco’s character 

Trolley Boy – Secretariat

Winning a Secretariat ‘look-a-like’ contest helped land Trolley Boy his roll as one of the horses playing Secretariat.

Power – Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

This uplifting movie, based on the true story of Amberly Snyder, uses the real live Power to play himself. 

Finder’s Key – War Horse

Finder perfects the role of Joey, depicting a time of modern war in which horses and machines are both used to fight.

Zeus – The Witcher

If you are a fan of The Witcher, you will know the importance of Roach, the red mare that packs Geralt of Rivia around the country to slay dangerous monsters. Zeus, (pronounced zey-oos), is the steadfast gelding entrusted with the role as Roach. Roach is Geralt’s best, and sometimes only, friend. 

Stormy – Heartland

Stormy plays Spartan in the family friendly series, Heartland.

ReinMan – 12 Strong

ReinMan, another ‘project horse’ turned movie star, is Chris Hemsworth mount in the epic 12 Strong, a movie about 

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