HorseGeek Affiliate Program

Are you a HorseGeek Member with a big mouth?! Earn cold, hard cash for your referrals! 

The HorseGeek Affiliate Program offers recurring monthly payments for every one that uses your referral link to sign up! Earn $1 per month per referral, as long as that referral maintains membership! 100 referrals = $1200/year. 1000 referrals = $12,000/year! (Calculations represent an estimate and 100% membership continuity for all referrals)

Be sure to review all the HorseGeek Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions before applying for review. Must be a member (how else will you know how amazing the content is?) in good standing to be an affiliate. 

After being approved to join the HorseGeek Affiliate Program you will receive a unique referral link. This link can be used to share with friends, family and followers on social media or through your own blog, website, etc.

As a HorseGeek Affiliate, you are eligible to receive CASH compensation for every referral that uses your link! 

Your referral must be a paid subscriber for 60 days before it will be an eligible referral. After the 60 day period, your referral will earn you CASH every month the member maintains active membership status! UNLIMITED REFERRALS!

Each monthly membership = $1/month (even if a discounted fee is used to sign up!)

Each annual membership = $10/year

Remember – these are not one-time payments. These are RECURRING payments! 

Yes. At this time we require an active membership to be part of the HorseGeek Affiliate Program. Due to the nature of the website, it is difficult to recommend the product if you are not able to experience it yourself!

HorseGeek Central is looking for passionate equine industry participants and professionals. While a large following on social media helps, we also understand word of mouth is a successful way to ‘spread the word’. Our ideal Affiliates will vary in knowledge and experience within the equine industry. However, an understanding of the equine industry is NOT REQUIRED! This platform is designed to help those that desire to learn more about horses and becoming a part of the industry. Therefore, if you find yourself to fit the description of ‘Dreamer’ and love what HorseGeek Central has to offer you, please complete the application and we can chat about how we can help each other out!

You may use advertising to drive link clicks BUT YOU MUST LEAD WITH YOUR BUSINESS NAME AND SEND TO YOUR WEBSITE OR SOCIAL MEDIA where the link would be listed to be clicked. 

Titles for advertisement or websites should not include anything “HorseGeek” or “HorseGeek Central”.

Currently based out of the United States. Referrals can be made to subscribers in any country.




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