What is HorseGeek Central?

Every equestrian’s (new, established or aspiring!) educational center!

Each month HorseGeek Squad members will have access to a new bundle of information and tools based upon that month’s topic. 

Digital tools such as calculators and checklists will be available for download and can be customized by each member. 

Short videos and blogs will be posted throughout the month. 

Live Q & A sessions will occur once a month and the Private Facebook Page is available for all members to meet and discuss their horse adventures 24/7. 

All products sold in the HorseGeek Boutique have special membership pricing!

Digital Tools

Calculators, calendars, picture flip books... and more in store for members to use and customize!


Submit questions and sign on once a month for LIVE question and answer sessions with HorseGeek Squad Leader Sammy!

HorseGeek Classifieds

Submit questions and sign on once a month for LIVE question and answer sessions with HorseGeek Squad Leader Sammy!

HorseGeek Boutique

Members have full access to Sammy's List, a developing network of equine professionals world-wide to help you with your equine needs.

Designed with Every Equestrian in Mind

HorseGeek Central has been created to provide educational tools for all equestrians.  From those that simply want to learn more about horses to the life-long professional, HorseGeek Central has something to offer everyone!

The Dreamer

Love horses and thinking about starting your equestrian journey? Joining the horse world is very rewarding but can be extremely challenging. Let HorseGeek Central guide your journey and help you find answers to your questions from a reliable source.

The Amateur

Already a member of the horse community? Then you know the large amount of information, misinformation and opinions that ripple through your everyday interactions. HorseGeek Central provides educational information and tools based on the latest research, studies and statistics. Learn tips and tricks for the everyday horseman!

The Professional

Are you an Equine Professional? Learn how to start from scratch or streamline your current business with easy to follow steps. Understand ALL the requirements of legally operating your business! Membership with HorseGeek Central  includes your business listing in the HorseGeek Classifieds! Connect with potential clientele world-wide and strike up a conversation in the Private Facebook Page.

What people say

Enrollment will be opened in 2 phases: Professionals then Dreamers/Amateurs.
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No Hidden Fees. No Long Sales Pitch. Straight Forward. Straight to the FACTS.

Developing Educated Equine Enthusiasts

  • Educational Vlogs and Blogs!
  • Researched, science-based information!
  •  Access to equine professionals!
  • Live question and answer sessions!
  • Member-driven content!
  • Downloadable tools!
  • Building a community of like-minded HorseGeeks!

Monthly Subscription

$ 15 Monthly

Annual Subscription

$ 99 Annual
  • Sign up for the annual membership and SAVE $$$!
We have FUN too! HorseGeek of the Month Swag Giveaways Trivia Contests VACATION CONTESTS!!!!!

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“One who believes that he has mastered the art of horsemanship has not yet begun to understand the horse.”

~ Author Unknown

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